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~ Our Music Together® Winter Bells Semester Begins Tuesday, January 12th

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Winter Music Together BELLS Collection - 10 weeks of live Zoom and Pre-recorded Classes


Beginning January 12! 

Tuition: $170/ per family household (no additional sibling fee) which includes:

~ Class materials: Bells songbook and recordings for you to use at home - these will be available for socially distanced pick up at locations near you or mailed.

~ 10 weekly pre-recorded classes (15-20 minutes)

~ 10 Zoom classes (30 minutes) - *Please  select 2 options for your Zoom classes. If one class doesn't fill we'll combine.  You may have unlimited makeups within semester!

~ A family newsletter with more at-home music-making ideas

~ Online access to the songs through the Hello Everybody app and Family Music Zone

~ Downloadable coloring and activity pages, musical games and more

~ Private Music Together "Bells" Facebook Group just for enrolled families

Class Description:  

It's cold outside! Stay warm with our upcoming song collection from your home! No need to bundle up, clean the ice and snow off your car and get the kids into their carseats. Families will play with their voices by mimicking the sounds of instruments in the “French Folk Song,” and Spanish-speaking animals in “De Colores.” (Did you know that in Spanish, roosters say “Quiri-quiri quiri” to wake people up?) Making funny animal sounds, lip-burring, and other tonal play helps children explore their vocal register, discover their singing voices and distinguish them from their speaking voices. And since children learn from contrasts and by expressing music with their full bodies, you’ll be hopping lightly like birds and sliding smoothly like an iceskater. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even notice that you’re learning staccato and legato! Two new songs and old favorites like "Trot Old Joe", "Alabama Gal",  "A Ram Sam Sam" and more! Join the Winter session and play, sing, laugh and learn with families in your community online! 

Concerned about screen time? 

Even though I am on the screen, each class is designed as an active music-making experience for little ones and their grownups. Active screetime is so much different than passive screen time. I'll lead musical activities for the whole family to sing, dance and jam along on together. We'll use instruments and everyday items like wooden spoons, scarves or dish towels, plastic containers and stuffed animals. No need to buy new instruments.

Hide the screen and let me be YOUR musical guide and you model for your child. It's truly the interaction of the parent/caregiver and child that's going to continue your child's musical development. Your little one can wander, rest assured they are still taking in everything in their own way, just like they do in our in-person classes. Some kiddos learn better when they're moving around! :) 

Curious how families are enjoying our online classes? 

~ " I know kids don't always love Zoom, but you honestly do such an amazing job keeping them engaged. My kids have had to be on other Zoom calls and yours is the best one."- Becca Liguori, Treetops Mom of 3

~ "I wanted to show you how Music Together Online has been so great for us! You’re on our tv for everyone to follow along and on the smaller screen underneath is Nana all the way in California! We’ve been able to share music class with her and it’s been so wonderful to be able to keep the family together through this. Kati squeals with excitement when it’s time to “see Teacher Sammie!” And she’s been wiggling fingers for “helloooooooo” and patting her lap and she’s waving and saying goodbye to you at the end. She’s made so much progress and sings ALL THE TIME since we’ve been doing music class multiple times a week. Éva has been having a blast reliving her music classes too! I wasn’t sure how online classes were going to go, but I’m so thrilled to see how well the girls have adapted to them! Nana thanks you VERY much for giving her the opportunity to share music with her grand daughters and I know it’s made a worlds difference for her."  - Laura Blagojevic,Treetops Mom of 2


Contact us if you'd like info about our gift certificates: sammiekids@aol.com

Questions? Contact us FMI at: sammiekids@aol.com 


Class Schedule Start Date End Date Duration Teacher

Your Home
Tuesday 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Jan 12, 2021 03/16/21 10 weeks Sammie Haynes
Wednesday 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Jan 13, 2021 03/17/21 10 weeks Sammie Haynes Register
Thursday 9:30 AM Jan 14, 2021 03/18/21 10 weeks Sammie Haynes Register
Friday 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Jan 15, 2021 03/19/21 10 weeks Sammie Haynes Register
Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Jan 16, 2021 03/20/21 10 weeks Sammie Haynes Register