What People Are Saying About Our Classes

Here's what Parents and Caregivers are saying about our classes:


"...Yesterday, Lily was belting out John the Rabbit while walking in Marshall's! She also sings her own songs to the tune of some of the music class songs!  She seems to have better rhythm and is able to memorize the lyrics very quickly.  The music makes her smile (with exception to the slow songs which make her sad).  I see music take part in her life EVERY day.  She also loves to share the music with us and her brother! 

It's wonderful to see and we are thankful for our Music Together® experience and you! - Lily's Mom


I can't tell you enough how much I love these classes, both for children and parents. As a music teacher, I am both humbled and amazed (and really not surprised, in the end) to see how wonderfully the kids learn without being pushed, prodded, encouraged, or even forced to participate. Of course I have seen the progress with Dominic - each week we catch him singing more and more songs, with an increasing number of words and pitches correct, through no effort of our own, just our example.

This program has reinforced my belief that parents have the most tremendous influence on their children's learning, and the difference between an MT style program and a traditional preschool setting. I see the contrast most vividly when we go to library story hour (or when I used to teach pre-k and kindergarten music), and so much time is taken up by the librarian/teacher and/or parents telling the kids to sit here, stand up, do this, don't do that, and it's really stressful! Of course, there are times and places when that kind of instruction is necessary, but it's so much more peaceful and natural to see a roomful of parents (and grandparents) making music, and playing along with their kids...and over time, watching the kids start making music better and better themselves. (I observed it in so many of the kids in our class just last week!) Even things like not talking between songs makes such a difference- again, in contrast with story hour, I sometimes wonder how much the kids actually "get" of the stories because they keep being interrupted by commands and comments. I'm probably comparing apples to oranges a little, but it really strikes me every time! Our job as parents or guardians of very young children is not to pass them off to some "expert" who will fill them with knowledge, but to show them the joy we find in what we do, so they naturally mimic us and discover their own abilities. It's beautiful!

Ok, I'm starting to ramble so I will stop now, and just say again, thanks for what you do, and we eagerly look forward to more weeks of making Music Together with you!" - Jolene, Music Together Mom of 2


Thanks Sammie! We're happy to come back! You make everything so fun and it's great to see H.'s growth from instrument muncher to singer, dancer, and percussionist ☺  - Treetops Music Together Mom


I have seen tremendous growth with Tommy. He's attentive to music everywhere we go whether it's a store or the car... He always says, "Mama, what's that song?"
I also hear (from the monitor) him singing to himself at nap time ..."Trot Old Joe" and " Who's That" the words are jumbled but the tune is right on:) very cute:)
See you Monday!!
Suzy and Tommy


Hi Sammie,
As I have mentioned to you throughout the semester, I see so much growth in [the twins]. Thank you for the work that you do - you do a wonderful job! So happy that we'll be able to join you for next semester (it's Nana's birthday gift). Yay!


Thank you! Kaitlyn told me about Liam today, so sweet! I think he really enjoys it, during the week he walks around the house saying, "music class, music class!" I'll be signing him up again for the spring class. Thank you!


Hi Sammie,
I just want to say how much Iris and I are LOVING your class. You do such a wonderful job in all aspects of the class.
Can't wait until next week. 


Hello Sammie,

I just wanted to share with you this video of Lochlann playing the "Hello" song for us. We've enjoyed the class so much and can't wait for the next session! You're a wonderful teacher and Lochlann really loves seeing you!

Thank you,


F. sings constantly...MT songs, songs he makes up on his own, and his own versions of MT songs.

Thanks for offering such wonderful music classes!

Take care,


I am grateful for "your calling". You do such a beautiful job with the children. A calm in the storm. It is clear you love them & they all love you. [My granddaughters] are always so happy to go to class & enjoy it so much! It's a gift! It's cute to listen to them talk about Sammie with such happiness.
Have a great day!
All my best,
(Grandma) Rita


We have really enjoyed your class, and are thrilled to be able to come back for another session. You are great with the kids, and have made it such a wonderful experience!!

:) Rebecca


Just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful year of music class. Both girls really enjoyed the class. H. would sing the songs and play music class with her stuffed animals and I will "sing" the Hello song. I am so glad we found your class, and you are a wonderful teacher and so engaging with the kids. I will definitely continue music exposure with the girls, as I think music is an integral part of childhood.

So thank you again. We all had a great experience. Best wishes for a wonderful summer.

Kristin (mom of 2)


Hi Sammie!

I bought Tommy some of the maraca eggs this weekend and he hasn't stopped shaking them and nodding his head. He LOVES this class. Every time I sing "hellooo to Tommy....so great to see you!" He giggles and looks for the eggs to shake!!!

Thank you, you're really making an impact :)

Caitlin (& Tommy) 


Thanks Sammie!

Great Music Together experience yesterday! Maeve has become very much more animated this session. Due in part to becoming a walker and the beautiful music, rhythms, and interactions with all other children, Moms, Dads, and Teacher Sammie!

Again, Thank You!

Nana Sandy and Maeve


*We loved your class so much. Dean still talks about it and you, "Teacher Sammie." I REALLY loved your class and you. Dean has been making lots of music with sticks and rocks or whatever he finds. He says, "Listen, Mommy, it's Baa Baa Black Sheep," and then he beats a steady rhythm. I know he's hearing the song in his head as he drums. And even better, he's been making up songs and singing them: "Mommy, listen. This is a song about excavators. . . 'Excavators, excavators, excavators....'" :-) It's pretty cool to see the influence your teaching had on him. And Linnea continues to bounce any time music is on--which is often! In the car Dean always requests either "Hello, Everybody," which of course is the Music Together CD, or "Puff the Magic Dragon." 

- Mom, Kittery, Maine



The kids are missing music class so much already! It was just amazing to watch them develop over the summer. They are still singing the songs everyday - lately the two of them have been breaking into spontaneous serenades together! It's wonderful.

Treetops Music Together Parent, Portsmouth, NH