* From Community Events Manager after Cocheco Festival (Dover, NH 2012):

"Hi Sammie,
We had a great time at your show too.  Thanks so much for coming out to the Festival.  I have heard nothing but positive feedback about your performance."

Michael Mengers, Community Events Manager
Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce

* From the Children's Museum of NH:

April 19, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of singer/songwriter Sammie Haynes! I have had the opportunity to work with Sammie many times over the past ten years. Every time Sammie has performed at the museum, she has been completely professional and incredibly easy to work with.

The reaction from our visitors, who have watched Sammie perform, has been outstanding. Sammie can engage an audience in a matter of minutes. The songs are infectious and children and adults alike have been seen singing and dancing right along with her.  It is obvious that Sammie loves what she does and connects with her audiences during every performance.

We recently hired Sammie to perform during several Books Alive events at the Children’s Museum of NH. This literacy program is designed to introduce books and book characters to all ages and encourage children to read. Sammie not only performed wonderfully for packed crowds, but she went above & beyond to create a special song specifically for the event!

I would encourage anyone looking for a family friendly event to hire Sammie Haynes! Her outstanding performances, coupled with her true professionalism, make her a perfect choice. 


Xanthi Gray
Lead Educator
Children’s Museum of NH



"Oh Sammie... I have been bragging to everyone about how much the children loved dancing and singing with you. It was just the perfect fit for the day and our audience. I hope that we can work together again soon!! Thank you again Sammie!"
 - Xanthi  (Children's Museum of NH)


*From an audience member, Lebanon, NH, July 2012:

Hi Sammie,

                    I was at your show put on through the Lebanon New Hampshire City recreation dept. "Noontime in the Park" this past month. I wanted to let you know again how entertained we all were. I attended with 3 other adults and  4  very different children. They were male & female 4-6 years old. We had a great time.

                    I have been attending these noon time functions for over 30 years and I must say I was totally amazed how you kept every ones attention. (That really never happens) Not only were our children excited and involved for the full show but the little ones, camp children, and teenagers seemed to be very into everything you were doing. Not to mention the rest of the adults. You put on a great show with a lot of involvement, Great content, and really seemed to love what you do and it showed.

                     I must say over the 30 years of "Noontime in the Park" I've seen ,your show wins a top 3 rating from us. It was so energetic and up beat and moved along at a nice pace . I am glad the Recreation Dept. signed you up to perform in our town and I would love to see more of your shows if your back in the area, Drop me an e-mail please. I hope you come back to Lebanon"Noontime in the Park" in the future. I would be glad to speak to anyone looking to have you do a show for them .I am still amazed ! There is no way to put what I felt and saw into an e-mail. Thank You for caring and showing your love for your show and our families by the great show you put on.                           - Sincerely,  Rose R.,  Lebanon,NH


* From a Recreation Director:

“Sammie is wonderful with the children (and parents) attending the shows and her songs are filled with fun and melody. Technically speaking, she is always in tune vocally and plays a great guitar. I can’t give enough praise to Sammie, her talent, and her songs. She is a delight for both young and old.” – Ted Musgrave, City of Portland,ME



· From Pam Riley Osborn, Head of Services to Children, Auburn Public Library, Auburn, ME –

“Saturday was bright and sunny, beautiful weather. In spite of or because of that, we had 89 folks (that's a very good crowd for us), and they started arriving an amazing 16 minutes early-never happens, well very seldom. And no one left early.

Sammie was a smash success, very real, unfazed by many little active bodies
clustered around her (no elevated stage).  Her music was appropriate and fun, she sold a few CDs at the very end and we handed out a little cup of potting soil, the kids poked a finger in and dropped in a fat sunflower seed and patted it over to take home. (She'd closed with a seed growing song.)

Everyone seemed very pleased - several sought us out to say just how
wonderful the program was.  So - I'd say a solid success.  Very flexible, musical, sunny.” 



· From Kathleen Thorner, Children’s Librarian, Dover Public Library, NH -

“Sammie, Thank you!  We so enjoyed your show.  I will be happy to recommend you to others.”


· From Laura Vickery, Dyer Library, Saco, ME

"Sammie Haynes helped make our summer reading program kickoff a big success!  She is a talented musician with a beautiful voice and thoughtful lyrics.  She has a wonderful way with children, welcoming them to become active participants through song and movement.  Her kind nature pervades her performance.  It was both a pleasure to work with her, and see her show.  I would recommend her highly."


 · From Elizabeth Forrest, Former Head of Youth Services, Kennebunk Free Library, ME -

"Sammie's choice of repertoire and enthusiasm with a young crowd, even on a hot summer day, provided a terrific end to our summer reading program. She is a skilled performer, with contagious energy!"


* From Our Lady of Angels Elementary School in Burlingame, CA:

"The students and teachers of OLA thoroughly enjoyed Sammie's show.  The kids were dancing, singing and laughing for a solid hour.  Sammie kept them entertained with a great variety of songs involving movement, echo and student participation.  I highly recommend Sammie to any group looking for a joyful and uplifting assembly." 

Julie DeGrosz (parent and extracurricular events director)


* From a Music Teacher:

Re:  Sammie's original song, "Fall's Falling": just have to tell you that that is in my top list of best songs ever.  Very lyrical, captures the season perfectly.

- Brigid F., Illinois


* From a Parent:

Everyone I see at school "kid pick up" who was at the concert has been talking about what a wonderful concert it was and how much they love the CD or want to buy it! There is a lot of interest in the "Treetops Chorus," too!  Just letting you know the neighborhood buzz! I wish I could have had a tape recorder handy to record all of the positive comments so you could hear them...but here are some samples:  "Isn't Sammie great?"  "I love how she sings about nature and peace!"  "I love Sammie Haynes!" "Didn't it sound great?"  "Wasn't it wonderful to have the band?"

We've been loving your CD at our house!!!  The girls are always singing songs from it at the most beautifully random...but not...times.  We will be walking holding hands and all of a sudden one will sing, "Treasure Every Step."  I'll be doing housework and I hear someone upstairs through the heating vent pretending to be a train... singing, "Chug a chug a chug a chug a chug...CHOO CHOO!  Chug a chug a chug a chug a chug...WOO! WOO!"

- Mary K., Local Parent