Treetops Chorus


Does your child love to sing?
Sammie Haynes directs choruses for children who love to sing for ages K-3. 
Once the quarantine is over I hope to be able to begin a chorus with homeschoolers. Please let me know if you're interested:

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Treetops Chorus Recital 2011 - Eliot, Maine

What to expect:

  • Lots of fun and interesting songs
  •  Musical and team-building activities
  • Tips on performing
  • Fun and laughter
  • Possibly write an original song together
  • New friends
  • Low-key recital


 Treetops Chorus Friends

At this time Treetops Choruses are not being offered. If interested, please contact Sammie at:


Treetops Chorus, Portsmouth, NH spring 2011

 What people are saying about Treetops Chorus:


  • *Hi Sammie, I wanted you to know that Dominic informed me after chorus today that he thought it was not just fun, but "super duper fun" - and he has been singing at least two of his songs all afternoon, including the "beautiful one" about how we are all flowers in the garden.  :)  And he LOVED the popcorn thing.  :)  Definitely worth the drive every week! Thank you for all you do, and for being such a great teacher!  Xoxo  - Jolene 2017
  • "Sammie Haynes is fantastic! Her love of music and children is obvious in every Treetops Chorus. Her enthusiasm is contagious. My children have loved learning new songs, playing fun games, and spending time with Sammie. A day doesn't go by that they aren't singing one of the songs they have learned in Treetops Chorus. The recitals are always magical moments where the children get a chance to spread their wings and show off all they learned throughout the session. Smiles, laughs, and feelings of happiness are abundant." -  Amy, Treetops parent
  • "I don't want Treetops Chorus to end. Why do I have to stop going? I love Treetops Chorus. Treetops Chorus is the BEST activity I have ever done. I'll miss Treetops Chorus so much. I love the songs we learn. How could anyone stop coming to Chorus? Its the best thing ever. I never want to stop going. I want to do Treetops Chorus even when I'm in college." - Comments from child of a Treetops Parent
  • "We were playing a question game in the car ride on the way back from Canada. The question is "Who is your hero and why?" M's answer, "Sammie, of course. She's so awesome and I want to be just like her. But, Mom, I might have to take guitar lessons. I don't think I can carry my piano with me to sing with kids." I hope I made you smile. - NR, Treetops mom
  • Sammie - Kylie has talked about nothing else but how much fun she had! This morning she started counting down the days until Treetop Chorus again! THANK YOU! We love to see her so inspired! Thanks and see you next week. - Michelle S., Treetops Chorus mom
  • "Good Morning Sammie!
    I am sooo happy that I decided to sign up P. for your chorus group! She loved it. She didn't want to leave and wanted to sleep over at school and have chorus again today!!! It was a riot. She sang the bat song to us at home. Thanks so much for doing this. It is a great activity!!!" Best, JP, Treetops parent
  • "Hello. My daughter loves the chorus. She comes home and sings
    the songs over and over! I even overheard her the other day creating her
    own songs in the shower (just like at chorus). Too cute!
    Thanks for making this possible for our children!" - GB, Teacher and Treetops mom
  • "Hi Sammie,
    Another FABULOUS Treetops session and adorable recital. Thank you for sharing your gifts with these kids and for such a delightful after school activity. You really do amazing work and we are just so happy we discovered you! Have a wonderful spring and we'll hopefully see you in the fall!"  - Best, Blair, Treetops Parent