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"Since March 2020 our family has been in distance learning mode. Wanting to offer my 3 y.o. more opportunities for enrichment and connection I sent an inquiry to Sammie to see if there were virtual offerings of Music Together®. Both of my children had participated in Music Together in classes when they were little. To our delight we started with the online Jingle Bells class in December. It was so much fun! So much fun in fact that when my 7 y.o. son overheard the familiar music and laughter he joined the class. The online offerings of Music Together led by teacher Sammie have offered my children and me a much needed opportunity to play, sing, and dance. It’s wonderful to see all the families in this community in a safe and meaningful way during this unprecedented time. The classes are absolutely wonderful. Sammie's doing a great job having the joy of music come through in this format!" - Alicia Ethridge, mom of 3 y.o. and 7 y.o., 2021


Alicia Ethridge, mom of 3 y.o. a

Our family loves music together for the music and entertainment and especially for the interactive online classroom with Teacher Sammie and the other children.
Teacher Sammie's experience is evident in how well she incorporates the children's suggestions into the music to make everyone feel like they are a special part of the class. - Dad and Mom of 2.5 year old, Winter 2021
Mom and Dad of Serafina

Music Together Online has been so great for us! You’re on our tv for everyone to follow along and on the smaller screen underneath is Nana all the way in California! We’ve been able to share music class with her and it’s been so wonderful to be able to keep the family together through this. Kati squeals with excitement when it’s time to “see Teacher Sammie!” And she’s been wiggling fingers for “helloooooooo” and patting her lap and she’s waving and saying goodbye to you at the end. She’s made so much progress and sings ALL THE TIME since we’ve been doing music class multiple times a week. Éva has been having a blast reliving her music classes too! I wasn’t sure how online classes were going to go, but I’m so thrilled to see how well the girls have adapted to them! Nana thanks you VERY much for giving her the opportunity to share music with her grand daughters and I know it’s made a worlds difference for her. - a Treetops Music family since 2017!

Laura Blagojevic, Mom of 2

Our online  music class is one of the highlights of our week. I love how excited and happy my kids are singing and dancing and laughing with teacher Sammie and the other kids. They love the interaction. We like the live Zoom classes, but the recorded sessions are great too, particularly for the long winter afternoons. We are grateful for the normalcy and fun of Music Together this year.  Winter 2021

Heather J, mom of 2

We love music with you! It is incredible what the girls have retained and their love for music thanks to you. We are so grateful for all your hard work to help the kids continue to make music with you! -  Kit Maracoccio, Treetops Mom of 2, Winter 2021

Kit Maracoccio

Dear Sammie,
Thank you so very much! We love your classes and it warms my heart to know that you are Evy's very first teacher. :) I still think back to when Evy was a young toddler and in the stroller while we shopped in stores. Instead of handing her a small toy that she would pitch out of the stroller and lose, I would ask her to listen to the music playing in the store, find the beat and clap hands, kick feet, etc. It gave her something to do and increased her awareness of her surroundings. She quickly began listening and hearing music in all sorts of places without prompting from me. At home, she often sings and "plays" an instrument at the same time--ukulele, piano, glockenspiel, pretend guitar. Your classes have been an integral part of our bonding as a family in these early years. My husband takes such joy in seeing Evy's musical development and is thrilled that we have had this wonderful early musical influence for her. Wherever her musical interests take her, I will always treasure the many moments in the car of hearing my sweet girl singing and discovering her voice.
We plan on completing all nine semesters, so I think we have one or two more to go! 
Mary, Evy's mom - 2017

I have always felt that one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me (especially as a homeschooler) was the opportunity to learn from and build relationships with the best teachers that they could find - in fact, I am still friends with many of them to this day! It warms my heart knowing that I found such a teacher for my boys as well, when I tried out our first Music Together class almost 3 years ago and met the wonderful Teacher Sammie. From the very first session, I knew that I had struck gold, not only with a top-notch program, but a teacher who truly loved and understood little children AND the importance of the adults in their lives modeling the skills, habits, and behaviors we want them to learn.

Today my oldest little guy sang (and danced!) in his first real music performance with Sammie's Treetops Chorus! I am so proud of him, and so delighted that he had a blast every step of the way. The long drive to South Berwick every Thursday for the last few months was worth every minute!

If "each of us is a flower, growing in life's garden" (to quote one of their songs), then Teacher Sammie is truly one of the "charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." (Marcel Proust) My heart is so grateful!!

Jolene, mom of 2 - 2017

Thanks Sammie!! M. has definitely warmed up and looks forward to class and seeing you every week. L. loves observing and yes- he is already outgrowing his car seat! Thanks for being such a great teacher, we love your class! 
Rachel, mom of 2 - 2016

We LOVE you!  You have been a BIG part of all of my children’s early development and for that, I am forever THANKFUL!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Heidi, mom of 4 - 2015

Let me just say that you are very special person and that Sam & I love making music with you. Please know that I am truly inspired by your kindness and talents shared in our Seacoast area.  Sam just fell into singing The Bells of Westminster all on his own in the car this week.  I love listening to him sing.
Sam's mom - 2015

"I LOVE Music Together! Not music apart...Music TOGETHER!"

Jacob, Age 2 1/2

Thanks Sammie.  He loves music.  He always says "so many friends at music" and "love teacher Sammie".  So cute!  
Connor's mom

Glad we found the program - we love it!
Anna's Mom

I thought you would be entertained to know that S. is currently in her bed for a nap saying "uh oh Joe" over and over and neighing.
Thanks for a nice class today. Clearly, it made an impression. :-)
Caroline, mom - 2015